How to find unique rows comparing two excel files?

I have two excel files - excel1 and excel2.
Both excel files contain Serial Number column and they don’t contain same number of rows.(excel1 contains more rows than excel2).
Also, there are more than 15.000 rows in both files.

What I need to do is to compare those two excel files and to get values from Serial Number column that exist in excel1 but don’t exist in excel2.

Thanks in advance. :raised_hands:


Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


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Hi @bp777

Please try this,

dt1 - excel sheet1 data
dt2 - excel sheet2 data

Query to find common rows,

dt1.defaultview.totable(false,“Serial Number”).asenumerable.intersect(dt2.defaultview.totable(false,“Serial Number”).asenumerable,

Query to find uncommon rows,

dt1.defaultview.totable(false,“Serial Number”).asenumerable.except(dt2.defaultview.totable(false,“Serial Number”).asenumerable,

Use write range and write the data back into the excel to check the values.


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Great method. Thank you!

@Srini84 thank you for your help as well. :raised_hands:

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