How to find total Number of days from given date taken from excel file and comparing to current date Excluding Saturday and Sunday

Please help me i tried all option available in uipath forum here my excel filedata1.xls (24.5 KB)

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A couple ways to go about it, I’ll attach a workflow in a bit when i get some time.

First thing you do is read the excel file to a datatable.
Next, you want to convert the string (from excel) to a datetime for each row of your datatable.
After that is where you have 2 options:
Option 1: Do a for or while loop and add up the days by using the datetime.adddays method if datetime.dayofweek <> “Saturday” or “Sunday”
Option 2: Utilize excel’s built-in “Workday” function to calculate the number of workdays between the two dates.

Which option you choose depends on your workflow. If this is the final output, I would go as option 2. If you are simply using this as an input for another part of the process, then Option 1 is the way to go. I
will show you both workflows (i’ll edit this response with both XAMLs in a little bit)

EDIT: I’m just going to include option 1 here as I think it is the easiest/best to do in this situation. If you need help figuring out how option2 would work just let me know and i’ll be happy to provide that one later sachin_sharma.xaml (14.2 KB)


Hi buddy @sachin_sharma
that was a good question
and here you go with a xaml
hope it got resolved (15.8 KB)
Kindly revert for any clarification or corrections to be made
Cheers @sachin_sharma

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did that work buddy @sachin_sharma

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any issues @sachin_sharma

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hey bro thanks for answer but it did’t work properly if you don’t know row number and also i want total number of days from date (taken from excel file) to current dates .but don’t worry Dave work flow works fine

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thank you very much bro for your precise time to solve my problems


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