How to find the Datatype of items

Hi All,
I am trying to get the data type for all the items in for each activity, but don’t know how to do so?
Kindly suggest me a solution.

Thank You In Advance,
Regards Charan.

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@Charan022, one solution could be to use regular expression to check what value the item stores.

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Reference: Check if value contains a number - #5 by mz3bel

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Inside the for each loop use a writeline activity like this to get the datatype of the variable we get

But make sure that you have a value in that variable

Cheers @Charan022


@Palaniyappan Thank you so much,
I have completed it with “Char.IsDigit(item)” function to get only the Integer Datatype and working Fine.

Thank you @sumitd