How to find PDF page Count

It show this error how to recover it

That file should have extension like .pdf or .xlsx

Kindly mention that at the last of the file name
Cheers @vivekktr

also show that error only

Kindly check once with the file name in that folder path mentioned like is it available in that folder path or not
Cheers @vivekktr

yes it avaliable

Can you post the screenshot of assign activity @vivekktr?

and check if the file is open in the background

the file not open in background i closed all

you are trying to read the PDF with stream reader right?

There may be some exceptions to read a pdf with stream reader…

Here is an useful thread : check this

You can get those directly using this activities :

[quote=“HareeshMR, post:8, topic:137697”]
[/quote] this activity package not in uipath package

It is depreciated, you can try the first link @vivekktr, that will help you with the example workflow

I am creating an activity request for this functionality. Please vote for it here: PDF Page Count Activity

I have had success with PDFSharp library. Install it via Manage Packages. Then in Imports, import the library. Then you can get pages count like this.