How to find non duplicated rows in excel

I have a excel file, so I want to find non duplicated rows in excel by using linq,

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Hi @ravisinghdas199

(From row In dataTable.AsEnumerable()
 Group row By key = row.ItemArray Into Group
 Where Group.Count() = 1
 Select Group.First()).CopyToDataTable()

Hi @ravisinghdas199

Try this LINQ:

From row In input_dt
Group row By a = row("Column Name").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group 
Where grp.Count > 1
Select grp.ToList
).SelectMany(Function(x) x).CopyToDataTable

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dtNonDuplicated = dt.AsEnumerable().GroupBy(Function(row) New With {
    Key .Column1 = row.Field(Of String)("Column1"),
    Key .Column2 = row.Field(Of String)("Column2")
}).Where(Function(g) g.Count() = 1).SelectMany(Function(g) g).CopyToDataTable()

Note:Please check The datatypes of your columns because here i take it as string but in your datatable it maybe of type Int,Double or string.

Hi @ravisinghdas199

Try this:


From row In Input_dt
Group row By a = row("CName").ToString.Trim Into grp = Group
Where grp.count =1
Select grp.First


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