How to find mail uniquely?

Scenario - I am getting 100 mails in my inbox and uploading required items on queue post that moving those mails to any other sub folder in outlook .

Now when i am trying to search mail during Process of transactions how to search that mail Uniquely ?

If i use message id to search there is one issue that message id of mail changes when we move mail to any other folder . How can i resolve this ?? I want to search mail uniquely

Hi @Purvai_Marwaha

How about using the Mail Received date and time to uniquely identify the mail.

That 's one option we can use but there is possibility that will get two mails for that time if i get milliseconds post seconds than its quite helpful .

Can you suggest how to add milliseconds in filter property i tried but am getting date & time(hh:mm:ss)? how to add mili seconds here

For miilliseconds ms is used (hh:mm:ss:ms)

If i have to extract date and time of every mail in (dd.MM.yy hh:mm:ss:ms) how to do the same as from mail.headers(“date”) i am getting dd.MM.yy hh:mm:ss only

There is a possibility that milliseconds information is not available in mail header.

Also, to uniquely identify a mail you can add more than one field to make a unique field, say sender and date time.