How to find difference between two date

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I have to find the difference between the two date’s months and year.

Input String: “2021-09-02”, “2022-02-12”

Now I want the following list as the difference between two date


Kindly help to find the solution.

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Hi @Vrushali_Gave
can u try the sample syntax below

DateDifference = DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, Convert.todatetime(“04-25-2021”), Convert.todatetime(“01-27-2022”))
Also change DateDifference variable to Int

It will return the number of the days between the two dates as Integer

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@nikhil.girish Thank you for the response

I want a month and year list from two date difference

you could use a do while loop?

Start with your first date - then increment the month by 1 and add it to your list of strings.

I would convert the strings to date first as @nikhil.girish suggested.

Your exit condition would be if your last date added matches your end date.
I would also check just months rather than dates.

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Hi @Vrushali_Gave

DateDiff(DateInterval.Month, Convert.ToDateTime( “2016-01-30”),Convert.ToDateTime(“2016-05-30”)) — for month

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Hope below link helps to solve the issue…

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@Vrushali_Gave ,

Check this xaml, it will give you the result you are looking for.
GetMonthsBetweenDates.xaml (6.4 KB)

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