How to find count of a value?

How to find count of value in excel with using IF condition?

Hello @taruna.mehra

You are looking to take which count either number of rows or the number of cells. Can you please be more specific on what you are looking for

Venkatesh R.

Hi @taruna.mehra

  1. Read Range and store in the variable"DT"
  2. If you need Row
    • DT.Rows.Count
  3. If Column
    • DT.Columns.Count

4)You need a count for specific fields
-You can use “Filter Data Table” and you can take the count you want

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Sudharsan Ka

Hi @taruna.mehra

Here is the sample workflow
excelCounts.xaml (6.8 KB)

Hope this will work!
Let me know if you face any issue


This I have done and wanted to try if else condition


I wanted to see how many times one value has been repeated in a data table.

Can you give overview of the task?

Yes sure. I wanted to count how many times one name has been repeated in a data table.

Sorry I am learning UiPath and it’s new to me.

Hi @taruna.mehra

As @Sudharsan_Ka suggested by point 4 you can give a try with filter datatable activity or Select method.
Use can try select method like below.



Okay Then Try this

  1. Read Range and store in the variable"DT"
  1. For Each row in DT your Variable Name
  2. If Condition: row(“Name”).Contains(“You can give the name that you want to count”)
    True:Assign an Integer variable (Count =0 as default) in the Variable panel
    Assign Activity :Count = Count +1
    Else: Continue Activity

Thanks and will try this for sure. Will let you if it works smoothly


Let me know this works for you