How to find an item in a List with out itterating trough it

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I’m working on a case with alot of data. At the moment my program has around 1.5milioen itterations.
In order for descrease the time of this program i need to get rid of some clustered loops i have at the moment. One of the most commen once is itterating trough a List to find an item which contains a specific value. Some are List of strings some Integers. But i always work with a for each loop to find it. And it slows my proces down alot.

Any ideas or suggestions how to do this quicker in

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You can use

without iterating the list.

Searches for the specified object and returns the zero-based index of the first occurrence within the entire List.


Hmm it return “-1” as the value regardless if the input is in the list or not. Should it be converted into something?

Nvm -1 is the default value as there is nothing pressent in the list. And the returning value is 0 up to … depending on the size of the list. Got it now… Thanks for this really helpfull workaround.

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