How to Filter Queue Items in REFramework

When using REFramework, how to filter queue items based on multiple conditions?
For example: if my queue items have
Country and Number of goal scored how I can select one country and number of goal scored greater than 3.

I know it would be very easy if working directly from Excel sheet using Select method but I want to do it in REFramework. Thank you in advance.


Can you explain more on what do you mean by select?

you want to retreive only those queue items which satisfy your condition?

or you want to retrieve all but process only those satisfy your condition?


Hey @Anil_G ,

I want to retrieve only queue items that satisfy my condition.

For example: If I have list of 833 queue items (column name country and number of goal in FIFA World Cup), I want to retrieve only one country, let say Brazil and number of goal greater than 3. Then export this to Excel file.


Use get queue items and then use this

filtered = QueueList.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x.SpecificContent(“Country”).ToString.Contains(“Brazil”) and Cint(x.SpecificContent(“Goals”).ToString).Equals(3)).ToArray

this will give only those and then use for loop and add the requried data to excel