How to filter only ApplicationException from Queues using Uipath Linq

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I just need to filter only Exception Type as application Exception from the Queues using UiPath linq kindly help me out

Hi @Buvaneshwaran_R

You can use the following filtering expression in the case of data retrieval using Orchestrator API:

GET /odata/QueueItems?$filter=SpecificContent/ExceptionType eq 'Application Exception'

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Thanks for reply arjun i’m not using orchestrator api i’m using Get queue Items activity


Well, in that case, please take a look at the following expression:

Use the Get Queue Items activity to retrieve the queue items from the desired queue. Store the output in a variable, let’s say queueItems -

filteredItems = (From item In queueItems
                 Where item.SpecificContent("ExceptionType").ToString = "Application Exception"
                 Select item).ToArray()

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Can you help me only if output data available those queues only need for us

Getting an error calling the given key (ExceptionType) was not present in the dictionary

Assign Activity
FilterResult | List (Of QueueItem) =

(From x In YourQueueItemsOutVar
Where Not isNothing(x.ProcessingException)
Where x.ProcessingException.Type = ProcessingExceptionType.ApplicationException
Select q=x).toList

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