How to filter data table with index

Hey there! Do you know how to filter data table with index of a Column

give a try on DataTableVar.Columns(YourIndex).ColumnName

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That’s the point, I don’t have a column name. In this case 17 is column"R"

In case that Data table found (For example) “Swire1234”, i must to keep that row, but if it doesn’t contain swire or 9 characters, remove.

We can just mention the index alone like how you have mention in the second one
17 contains “swire”

Similarly mention as
17 contains “9”

That would work for sure
Cheers @Enzo_Rossetti

I didn’t get you. A dataTable should always have a columnname. With the statement from above you dont need to know the name as it is retrieved with referenced by index.

From where is the datatable coming / created. Can you elaborate more on your requirement?

as mentioned by @Palaniyappan ColumnIndex can be used and schould work
a construct of testing if Column(17) has a value length of 9 characters (I do interpretate your screenshot from above in this way) is maybe the compiling error issue

For such cases LINQ is one of alternate options