How to filter data table as per the string array

Hi All,

I need some help, need to know a way how can we filter a data table from string array.

This is the data table:

Consider if we have a string array value {A,B} and i need the data table only for these two column, how to achieve this logic?

@ arivu96

Hy @sapta_619,

Unfortunately not!

At least for know to achieve what you want you must:

  • create a data table with build data table activity (col A and B)
  • loop through this excel via data table (for each row activity)
  • add records to the data table


If I got you right then you would like to achieve that a String Array defines which columns are to pickup.
In your case: {“A”,“B”} will pick up column A and B but not C

Give a play on:
A origin Table with three Columns:

A string Array with the needed columns

the line below is doing a filtering based on the ColList Array:


Thanks worked fine. However i got the answer in this feed after i posted.

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