How to Filter Column values in Excel Sheet

Hi, I want to filter out Column values, there are 3 values that are repeatedly occurring, I want to filter out these values in a separate excel sheet. sheet name rename with filtered value.

You can use the below code for getting the duplicate values in a column. Later you can use Remove Duplicate rows

Dim allDuplicates As List(Of String) = dt.AsEnumerable().GroupBy(Function, dr.Field(Of String)(“VMDList”)).Where(Function, g.Count() > 1).SelectMany(Function, g).ToList()

Did we try with FILTER DATATAVLE activity

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Got it!

That should be fine, just use the code that will give you the duplicates and later you may use Write range to add a new sheet and write the new datatable


Get the output variable dt

Instead AND operator use OR

Instead of = use Contains

Cheers @Priyanka_Jadhav1

I believe, that is only possible if the repeated values are known.

sounds like you want to create different excels for each occuring region value

Assign activity
Left: TableList | List(of DataTable)

(From d in dtData.AsEnumerable
Group d by k=d(“Region”).toString.Trim into grp=Group
Select gt=grp.CopyToDataTable).toList

Afterwards use a for each activity | item in TableList | TypeArgument: DataTable
and write each table to Excel with write range
The sheetname can be set e.g. table.Rows(0)(“Region”).toString

Case is very close to:

Too many cooks may be :man_cook:

I suggest you to follow any one path first. try the expression and see are you getting the desired output, are you getting the grouping done correctly. you can use any of the expression mentioned above

Hope this is the output expected and you know the text which are getting repeated
Is it right


this is not my expected output, I want to filter region with corresponding article number

Hello @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Kindly delete the other post you created for the same topic.

Did you try the expression I mentioned above? Do not go for Filter data table.

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not tried,actually i don’t understand how to use it in my process.

Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Please refer to the xaml below!

Main.xaml (10.3 KB)


expected result as per code!


hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Change Variable type of Var_region to array of String!


hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

If possible can you share your excel file?


Hi @Priyanka_Jadhav1

Please refer to the xaml below!

I have created based on your file its working.

Hope this helps you too! (9.1 KB)


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Now its Working,
Thanks & Regards

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