How to filter and save the same sheet in the same excel?


I need to filter for a particular column in excel and save it in the same sheet and same excel. How can I achieve this?

**NOTE: I can’t use modern activities and macros. **

Can you give a better explanation of what you’re trying to do? Show us the original data and what the desired result is.

Also, why wouldn’t you be able to use modern activities?

I coded everything with classic activities, and thus I didn’t want to change it to Modern just for this one thing unless there is no other solution.

So, to explain the scenario, for example, I have an “Excel” with “Sheet1”

and “Sheet1” has multiple columns and one of them is “Subject”. I have to filter for “Math” and save the excel.

Hi @Krithi1

Can you put screenshot of excel before data & after the filter data.
So that we know what you actually want to achieve because there are 2 activities to filter the data

Filter DataTable activity:

  • This activity is specifically designed to filter rows within a DataTable based on specified conditions.
  • It creates a new DataTable that contains only the rows that meet the specified criteria.

Filter activity:

  • This activity is more generic and can be used to filter a collection of items (not necessarily a DataTable).

You don’t have to re-code anything. You can mix classic and modern activities within a project. In the activities panel just click the filter and check “modern” and you can use both.

However, I recommend doing it the other way around - convert the project to modern (a simple change in project settings) and then in the activities filter check classic. This way you get the modern features of Studio (it’s not just activities that are different).