How to fill a PDF using Studio

Hi all,

I am trying to open a PDF that has some text boxes I need to fill out.
In this process we used to open the application Acrobat Reader and use Type Into activities, however, something changed and this is no longer working, the selectors inside the PDF are not being detected therefore I cannot type.

Is there a workaround o solution for this?


@RaVillalobos Try to include anchor element to type into selector.

Thanks but elements inside the PDF are not being detected at all, I tried to use Image Selection but that does not work.

Try with this Selecting PDF Elements

To fill a PDF interactive form, simply open the document by clicking File Tab > Open and fill the forms using the instructions for each field type below. Use the Tab key to navigate to the next field and Shift + Tab to go to the previous field.


Thanks all for the help,

There were some steps to make this work like enabling the Assistive Technology Support option in Adobe,
Used a different Detection Framework, UIA was the most accurate
And finally, in order to detect the textboxes, I had to use CV Modern Selectors.

This is working, for now, we’ll see in the future…

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