How to fetch mutiple keyword for a website


I have a situation where i need to find mulitple keyword exists in a website/ or say text file.
Matched keyword i need to write in Excel.

Take case with Uipath Forum : -
keyword:- Orchestrator , Uipath Cloud , Plan , Apple , Mango , Banana

here , We can find Orchestrator , Uipath Cloud , Plan . So our excel should contain only Orchestrator , Uipath Cloud and Plan

how i can achieve this ?


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Hi @md.ahtesham

Buddy we can use Get text activity and the output would be of type string
–Use a excel application scope and pass the file path of excel file you have
–within this activity, use a write cell activity to write these values to a excel,where mention the output variable of get text activity as input to this write cell activity and mention the sheetname and the range of cell where you want to enter the value

Hope this would help you
Cheers @md.ahtesham

Hi ,

Thanks for quick reply.

Above solution will work fine if text is found , but it will give blank as output, if that word doesnot exist.
I want to eliminate empty string scenario , since i can get lots of such scenario (empty string) in a web page.

I want to write only those text which are found .

Please find the .xaml file attached .Main.xaml (10.1 KB)

If you have workaround , highy appreciated.