How to fetch JSON , JProperty and Jobject from JSON

Hello friend
I am reading a JSON for my learning purpose only

I am trying to Read Json Property, in this JOSN have three-property , I want to make a loop or input dialog box select any currency ,

Could you please suggest


"time": {

    "updated": "May 9, 2022 08:25:00 UTC",

    "updatedISO": "2022-05-09T08:25:00+00:00",

    "updateduk": "May 9, 2022 at 09:25 BST"


"disclaimer": "This data was produced from the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (USD). Non-USD currency data converted using hourly conversion rate from",

"chartName": "Bitcoin",

"bpi": {

    "USD": {

        "code": "USD",

        "symbol": "$",

        "rate": "33,311.4113",

        "description": "United States Dollar",

        "rate_float": 33311.4113


    "GBP": {

        "code": "GBP",

        "symbol": "£",

        "rate": "27,109.1263",

        "description": "British Pound Sterling",

        "rate_float": 27109.1263


    "EUR": {

        "code": "EUR",

        "symbol": "€",

        "rate": "31,689.0790",

        "description": "Euro",

        "rate_float": 31689.079




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Hello @JSR_Techno_Talk_s ,

Here if you want to pass the currency dynamically, you can create an array with all the currency or you can add all the currency to Excel and then read it. The you can loop though it and pass the value to the JSONOUTPUT

Hey @JSR_Techno_Talk_s

Could you please explain a bit more ?


More Details :

In this JSON, three currencies are there

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR
    Maybe in the future, they are more, so I want to track it dynamically.

I have seen that JPoperty contain the information, I want to handle it


for the dropdown we can get the currency string array within a oneliner:

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Thanks Same I was looking