How to extract the multiple value's from the multiple rows and columns

Need a help !!!

@krishna_priya From the image,the data is in pdf file.

Hi @krishna_priya

In UiPath, you can extract tables from a PDF document using the “Read PDF with OCR” activity.

Here’s an example of how you can use the “Read PDF with OCR” activity to extract table data from a PDF in UiPath:

  1. Drag the “Read PDF with OCR” activity into your workflow and configure it.
  2. In the “Read PDF with OCR” activity, select the PDF file that you want to extract data from.
  3. Set the “Output Type” to “Data Table” and specify the page number of the PDF that contains the table you want to extract.
  4. Execute the workflow and the “Read PDF with OCR” activity will extract the table data from the PDF and output it as a DataTable variable.

Kaviyarasu N

If that doesn’t work, stick with the document unstanding concept.