How to extract Table data rows from PDF?

I have a table in PDF and I want to extract the table from the output of Read PDF Text.
The table structure is as below:-

|Notepad Remark|Notepad Description|Date|User|
|Hi I am notepad|From Home to Office|20/01/2023|SATNAM SINGH



You can try using form extractors they shpuld be able to extract the data as needed from the tables


Hello @gurleenkaur.bhatia.gk you can also use the split function use this code to get table data,
split(split(read_pdf_text,“User”)(1), Environment.newline)(0)

this code will give you the first row of the table , for full table from NOTEPAD Remark

split(read_pdf_text,“Notepad Remark”)(1)