How to extract string using Regex

Hi Guys,

My string is: HP12B9747 & 578683 & 11/05/2019
wanted to extract
1st string: HP12B9747
2nd string: 578683
3rd string:11/05/2019

please help me, length and pattern is fixed .

if you string is that you can split it as your_String.split({" & "}, StringSplitOptions.None) this will return you array

i want regex expression

okay but every time it will be in this pattern HP12B9747 or some other

pattern and length is fix but sometimes string like & 578683 & 11/05/2019 or HP12B9747 & 11/05/2019,






Hope this Helps
let me know if that helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you so much…:blush:

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