How to extract rows index after filtering the excel

I have one excel with bulk amount of data for example I filtered L -column in a excel .
After filtering I need row index of L - column.
How will get the row index after filtering the excel sheet .

Kindly suggest…

one technique is to add a helper column with the column index before filtering ( we assume that you have used filter datatable activity, right?)

Thanks for responding.

For filtering I am using select () method in linq query.
After filtering the excel rows index will be changed
So unable to get rows index.

Could you please help me…

we gave you one option/ technique

did you tried?


Another approach:

How about using DataView, as the following?

Sequence.xaml (8.4 KB)

Note : if you need filtered datatable at the end, simply newDt = dv.ToTable() will work.