How to extract logo from an excel?

Hi ,
I want to get the logo that i have inserted in an excel sheet (cell) and use it for sending mails.
how can i do that?
As i have already written code for sending mails, im not able to extract logo from an excel sheet

@geetanjali.nerlekar : If possible could you please attach excel file with logo.

I want to get that logo and use that variable in the body of the mail

@geetanjali.nerlekar : Please find attached code for your reference : (75.0 KB)


where did u get this value from ? logo.jpg

And what is it executemacro that you have used? where you are using the output of it

@geetanjali.nerlekar : If you see the code, there is Excel application scope activity, where we are downloading the Image from Excel using Excel Macro & placing that logo file inside Data\Output\Logo.jpg path, the same file I am uploading while sending the Outlook email.

Hi @geetanjali.nerlekar

To extract a logo from an Excel sheet using UiPath, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use the Excel Application Scope activity to open the Excel file.
  2. Use the Read Range activity to read the range where the logo is located in the Excel sheet. Specify the range as the cell containing the logo.
  3. Use the Save Image activity to save the extracted logo as an image file. Provide the file path and name for the image file.
  4. Now you can use the saved image file in your email sending code.


Hi @Nitya1
The output of read range should be given as a name for save image activity?


@geetanjali.nerlekar : The file should be .xlsm & not .xlsx, then only the Bot will be able to run the Macro, could you please upload the code file as well.