How to extract details from PDF to Excel

Inivoice Description,Qty,Amount in multiple PDF pages Extract to Excel

Please advice…


You can either open the file using the Acrobat reader and then use Get Text to get the data. Else you can use Read Pdf Text to read the pdf and then use regex to split the data.
Both the above will be applicable for native pdfs.

If the file is a scanned pdf, then you can use the Read Pdf with OCR activity and then use Regex to get the required data.


In regex how to get after 4th space and below some word

either you can use split method to get the data.

Yourstring.Split(" ")(3).ToString

Else use Matches activity and use the regex builder to create the respective regex.

Hi @SURESH_P if it is in Table format then you can open it with chrome and using data extraction you can extract data from pdf and you can do it in the loop and merge the data table using merge data table and finaly you can write range it.