How to extract data from txt format file. And save into one data table. Need help on this

I want exratct data from txt. Fromat file. And save required data from that file to the one data table

Hey @Rahulthombare ,
1.You can use Read text file activity and store the output in String Varibale

2.Then use Generate data table activity to generate a data table





this will give you data table


also you can modify how you want inside options

Hope this helps

My file like below

And I want only Number which is starting from H which is in first column in this file… And that all HNmubers saved in one data table.

I don’t want other column which is also present in this same file I just want only one that is first column which contains only Number start from H. Rest of all numbers from first column not required except number start with H… So in shortly I want only first column with numbers start with H