How to extract complete DataRow given using Linq?

I want extract complete “skills” row value one by one from excel using Linq.

how to achieve this ?

Hello @Muralikrishna_Surve ,

How do you want the output to be? In Array or in DataRow?
Please specify.

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I want output in Array.

hello @Muralikrishna_Surve ,

Assuming that Index for Skills row will always remains same in the excel file, you can try the below :

  1. Use ReadRow and read the Skills row item (store in myReadRowOutput )

  2. Use Assign acitvity
    MyDataArray | DataType: Array(of String)

MyDataArray = myReadRowOutput.Select(Function (x) x.ToString).ToArray()


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Thanks @rohith.prabhu .

Can you also share solution for output in DataRow ?

@Muralikrishna_Surve - Please try it yourself. If you face any issues please let me know, will help.

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