How to Extract a row based on one specific data



I have some data
Country Name Invoice phoe num
FR qqqq 1234 56113212
IT HGJ 8787 56543212
FR YYY 1204 53113212

I need to extract the row which has FR as country

please help


Hi @Farha.S,

Do the follow steps:

  1. Read your excel file and import it to a datatable by using Excel Application Scope and Read Range activities.
  2. Once you have the rows into this datatable you may assign to the following code:

myDataTable = myDataTable.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x) x.Item(“Country”).ToString.Equals(“FR”)).CopyToDatatable


Hi @acaciomelo,

Thank you for valueable reply.
If there is no problem can you please send an example .



Hi @Farha.S,

Yes, kindly check it below. (8.7 KB)



thank u so much @acaciomelo :slight_smile: