How to export detail log from Orchestrator?

I want export detail log from Orchestrator for the message column. But when I export the detail log in message column not exported. Is there any way to export the detail message.


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Can any one have solution for this issue?

Hi @kramachandran,
I think that nobody answered as you have posted this in wrong category :slight_smile: UserVoice category is designed for feedback or bug report. I moved your post to proper category and did little bump for people to see it :wink:

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Iā€™m not aware of a way to do this by the UI. As you can see what is being exported is the available columns on the screen.

You might want to try looking at the API. Other potential options would be from the database directly, or for future logs could create a custom NLog Rule & Target that includes the raw message data, or subset of fields that you are interested in.