How to execute Non Query Double Quote


I need to perform query like this:

insert into t_redeem (redeem_id, redeemed_reward, redeemed_point, qty_redeem, “current_user”, created_on)

How can I do it on the non query activity? the current_user column need to be put quote (" ") otherwise it will be error.

Thank you.

Hi @AlfonGio Can you try with “current_user” as ‘current_user’ (means that instead of double quote use single quote)

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Hi @Arpit_Kesharwani, yes I have tried and still error

Try with “” current_user""

Still got this error

Hi, what is the database server you are using?
If it is sql server then try using in place parameters, will be easier for you:
INSERT INTO Persons (Name, City) VALUES (@Name, @City)

Hi @bcorrea, I am using PostgreSQL and the table is an existing table so unfortunately I can’t change the column name.

Here is the script directly from the pgAdmin:
INSERT INTO public.t_redeem(redeem_id, redeemed_reward, redeemed_point, qty_redeem, “current_user”, current_status, created_on)

How can I put the " " in the Non Query Activity?

@AlfonGio Can you just click on OK and check if the Error goes off. Sometimes since there are multiple lines used, It marks it as an Invalid expression. Try it and let us know

just use triple quotes around that column.

you try can like below:

"INSERT INTO public.t_redeem(redeem_id, redeemed_reward, redeemed_point, qty_redeem, " & char(34) & "current_user" & char(34) & ", current_status, created_on)"