How to execute multi line SQL queries (complex sql queries) in using "EXECUTE QUERY" of UI PATH


How do I execute a multi line query just like below? I tried using the query below but as a result no query results are being displayed. I tried executing the query on the Mysql and DB beaver and as a result, I was able to see a populated query result. Please help me.

Thank you!

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But this is a UiPath forum…

I know that this is a UI Path forum and im using this query in my “execute query” function of UI PATH therefore my question is VALID :slight_smile: .

Correct me if im wrong… I think this is a bug / a limitation of UI PATH? Im expected to get 4 results query and as a result of using “execute query” it only returns 1 query.

I think UI Path cant handle multiple line sql or sql statements with multiple query results.

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