How to establish the connection with the TTWin terminal emulator?

How to establish the connection with the TTWin terminal emulator?

There are two approaches to establish the connection to the host using below providers in the Terminal session activity:

  1. Direct Connection

1. Direct Connection provider

This method does not require the terminal emulator (i.e Turbosoft TTWin) to be installed in the machine as it connects to the host directly. Please fill in the below details of the host configuration either with the help of your or client's IT\admin team who manage the host\terminal emulator or gather these information from the TTWin emulator that is pre-configured with these details. If the connection is SSL or TLS enabled, ensure the 'Enable SSL\TLS' option is checked.


2. IBM EHLLAPI provider

In contrast to the Direct connection provider, this method relies on the terminal emulator (should be installed in the machine) and the session should be launched before the connection is established using this provider. The session can be launched using the session profile via Start Process activity.

Choosing the right architecture:

Please locate hllapi32.dll in TTWin4 program files directory or hllapi64.dll for the 64bit version. Note: Please use the TTWin Emulator version that matches the architecture of the app (here UiPath) calling the TTWin via HLLAPI. Refer to project compatibility for supported Studio bitness.

Enabling HLLAPI in the TTWin emulator:

  • Go to Configure > General > Session Preferences > HLLAPI
  • Either set an HLLAPI short name (eg. A) or turn on the Automatically assign.
  • Select OK, then File > Save
  • Restart TTWin emulator
Please try with different options like Ehll Enhanced\Basic mode checked or unchecked if the connection is unsuccessful. If the issue still persists, please report the issue to UiPath Technical Support by raising a ticket and sharing the below details:
  1. Terminal logs (default location is %localappdata%\uipath\logs directory)
  2. Connection string from the Terminal session activity
  3. List the different options and configurations tested out in the Terminal session activity.


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