How to enable 'info' logs in Custom activity?

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I have requirement where i had write custom code in .Net , i would like to add few logs into custom code to understand issue if Bot breaks unexpectedly at custom code.
I wrote “console.writeline()” in .Net which is printing Logs in uipath but Log level is ‘Trace’. Is it possible to push ‘info log’ level from custom code to UiPath?

If any argument is returned from the code to uipath that can be done
Or directly in uipath itself we can place that Onvoke vb script activity inside TRY CATCH ACTIVITY and if any exception occurs it will go to CATCH block
—we can set catch block with system.Exception and that would catch the exception

Cheers @RJ_Kadari

Thank you !!! , i understand what you said and i follow same , But i am looking for generic solution where if am loging any logs into custom code , wanted to see in job logs as like uipath logs.

Yah then we can use LOG MESSAGE ACTIVITY with info level set inside the catch block so that if any exception it will reflect in Jobs execution log
Cheers @RJ_Kadari

Hey , i think you are not getting me…! i know we can use log message activity in uipath similarly if i wanted to use “INFO” type logs in custom code , how does it works ?

That can be done inside your custom code only buddy @RJ_Kadari

ofcourse buddy !!! i doing it in custom code only, looking for solution if anyone already did ?
when i add “console.writeline()” it display as Trace in uipath

Hi @RJ_Kadari

I hope that can be achieved by Web API call to submit your custom logs. Check the below link

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Thank you , i saw this option but it need many parameters like username,password etc … just looking for simplest way :slight_smile:

some how i found solution in .Net but it is working in UiPath version2017.
UiPath 2018 version is not supporting because of dependencies. Still trying to figure out

I am facing same issue. did you find any solution for same ?