How To Edit An Existing Idea Through Open API ?

How to edit an existing idea in Automation Hub Cloud through Open API ?

Issue Description: Is there any way to update the details(for example, the Description field) of an automation already created in Automation Hub Cloud?


Automation Hub users can edit ideas via the Open API, by first getting the idea schema and then using it in the edit endpoint.

  1. Get the idea schema:

GET https://YOUR_URL/ORGANIZATIONNAME/TENANT_NAME/automationhub_/api/v1/openapi/automations/id/schema

  1. Edit the idea (based on the previous schema):

PATCH https://YOUR_URL/ORGANIZATIONNAME/TENANT_NAME/automationhub_/api/v1/openapi/automations/id

Find below an example for editing the Description field for Automation ID 53 through Open API using Postman

  1. Getting the idea schema


Type: Bearer Token

Value: Tenant ID/Token


Accept: application/json

x-ah-openapi-app-key: your App Key

x-ah-openapi-auth: openapi-token

  1. Edit the idea based on the previous schema (using the same authorization and headers from the previous API call)

  1. When reviewing the previous idea in the Automation Hub interface, the description field should be updated as below


Open APIs, also known as public APIs, can be used to edit existing ideas. To do this, the first step is to find an appropriate API. The best way to do this is to search for an API that provides the specific functionality you need. Once you have found the right API, you will need to register and obtain an API key. This key is used to authenticate your requests and ensure that only authorized users can access the data or services provided by the API.
Once you have obtained an API key, you can use it to access and edit existing ideas through the API. Depending on the specific API you are using, this may involve making a request with a particular set of parameters or sending a specific type of data in order to make changes. You may also need to provide authentication credentials such as a username and password in order to gain access. Once all of these steps are complete, you should be able to make changes to existing ideas through the open API.