How to download multiple pdf files using url

Hi all,
I tried to download pdf files from url using HTTP Request, Download File Activities but its has some issues,
1. while using HTTP Request it downloads the pdf file without any content like “0byte” files
2. If i used the Download File activity it could throws an error like “Download file: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.”
i do not know how to resolve this issue.
i have attached the workflow that i created , excel file and downloaded pdf files in the zip format. Kindly check that and help me to resolve this issue and execute the task. (10.1 KB)


Hi @PraveenKumar_S

Your XAML file is working fine with me (with content - no zero size) with HTTP Request. Check this

Can you update your package UiPath.Web.Activities and check? also try to update UIPATH Studio

Thank you for your contribution @Vishal_K , I am using same issue even the UiPath.Web.Activities package is updated 1.4.5 version is installed and i am using 2020.4.3 Community edition UiPath Stidio. i try to update the UiPath Studio there is no option is available in Community Edition.
If i past the one Url in Endpoint in HTTP Request activity and click preview the error message showing like “The underlying connection was closed Could not establish trust relationship fro the SSL./TLS secure channel.”

So kindly suggest me the idea to recover this issue.


Hi @PraveenKumar_S,

Can you try Download file activity from here ?

Thank you

Yes @balupad14 , i have tried this activity to download pdf from url but it could not download it throws an exception as “Download File: An exception occurred during a WebClient request.”

Thank you for your contribution @balupad14 but i could not solve this issue.

Kindly help me to resolve this issue. i tried many ways of my knowledge to download the pdf files from website,but could not find the way.