How to download email copy to local folder after Get Outlook Mail Messages?


I now using Get Outlook Mail Message activity and specify Folder name as Sent Items and set Top as 1 to find latest sent mail. But can anyone kindly teach me how to proceed downloading the email to my local folder after?


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What you want to download, the attachments like files?

I wanted to download the physical sent email (with attachment if it has).

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Use Save Attachment activity to save from attachments from mail and save specify Folder path where you want to save it in local machine.


If you want to save the whole message then you can use “Save Mail Message” Activity…
Inputs are the output of “get outlook activity” and the folder path…

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Hi Mannish,

I got another issue here.

I can Get Outlook Mail Message

I can Save Mail Message

The process can run without issue but I cannot open the saved email after. It pops me with this error.


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Just a summary, I have found solution for this issue above.
Below thread solved it -

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You can use .txt also…
Happy Learning.

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