How to document a robot

How to document a robot when it is ready for handover? What should a technical document include to create a good handover. Any suggestions or best practice?


Any sample solution design document will help here.

You can check on UIPath Academy Course Implementation Methodology. There are different document templates there including DSD - Development Specifications Document which covers your robot high level and detailed design. You may want to create a quick guide for user too.

The DSD captures the current manual processes, not the details of the delivered solution. The flow, UML, variables, Exception handling, change history and so on.

In the traditional development world, there are many tools out there to aid in the development of documentation. Just because it’s visual doesn’t mean it doesn’t require documentation. In fact, I would argue that it needs documentation more. I can scan well written, well organized, C# code and have a clue. Good luck scanning the ‘XAML’ and figuring out what’s going on.

These documentation questions get ignores on this forum.