How to do PDF extraction with dynamic data rows to excel

Hi All,

I am trying to get the data red highlighted as shown in Sample1.png, but by doing string manupulation it is not possible to do by dynamically changing the values as shown in sample2.png attached for your reference.

Finally I am getting green highlighted data by doing string manupulation but i need to get red highlighed data.

If you have interested i will share you pdf files personally please share me email Id.

If you do this its really helpfull to me.


Hi @absithyd ,

Could you maybe try to check using the workflow provided in the below post if it is able to identify the tables and extract. The Tables if able to identify, the output maybe a bit irregular. But we should be able to understand the pattern and adapt to correct :

Let us know if the workflow gives out error or unable to extract the table.

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Hi @supermanPunch

Thank you for your reply im getting error message as below shown in .png

what can i do next…

@absithyd ,

Is it possible to provide a Sample PDF to check on it from our end ?

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yes i will provide you some sample pdfs personally actually pdf is not uploading in this. this is my mail id just ping me i will share you