How to do a regex match within a specific column and update a row in a different column but within the same datatable

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Seeking your guidance here on how I can write code that can only do the match of digits for a specific column in DataTable and then update a row in another Column with the same DataTable.
That’s the Regex am using:

match = Regex.Match(.........,"(\d+)")


Kindly advise.
Thanks you

Kakooza Allan Klaus


Before Using the Regex we must have to import the following Namespaces from import Panel…



Then Try this:



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Hello @Kakooza-Allan-Klaus , Use this expession, you will get number as a string


Then use write cell activity to write the data into another cell or column.

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This is how I resolved this scenario:

I used the For Each Row In DataTable as shown in the screenshot below:

The match variable is type System.Text.RegularExpression.Match, then am using the If activity to validate if the match is a success or not.

If the match is a success, I use the Update Row Item activity to update the row in the other column as shown in the screenshot below:
And finally I write the data to an Excel File.


This is the output that you get after the execution:

Thanks to @Gokul_Jayakumar and @THIRU_NANI for contributing to this post.

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