How to display the name in a collection of list

Hi all,
the question is we have a list and 3 names stored in a list.
now I want to give a name and it should check if the name is present in the list or not using write line activity (the input given name should display and tell its available or not ) please help me with the if condition and the expression in write line activity…

Hi @uzair_khan,

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You can check using below if condition

True: name is present in the list
False: name is not present in the list


@arivu96 now that has to display your name in output section and say arivu is available or arivu is not available how to do that?

and thanks for your reply brother…!!

Hi @uzair_khan,

Inside the if condition you can use log message or message box or any other Way want also you can print the Name.

Already you have the Name in variable just pass.


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thankyou @arivu96 i got it

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