How to detect .bat file is no longer processing

I am connecting to a server remotely. Then I am running a .bat file via cmd prompt. I need to know when the .bat file is done running before proceeding to the next step.

I know the process is complete when “press any key to continue” appears.

I have tried – element and text exists. So far no luck.

Any suggestions.

Hi @bwilliams1

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well try will image exists or find image activity buddy, as you are in citrix, a remote server and search for the image of text “Press any key to continue”

kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @bwilliams1

You could use the Powershell “Wait-Process” cmdlet:

Save it as a .ps1 adding other commands if needed. Using Invoke Powershell Activity you can know if your bat has ended (Or even write a Powershell Script instead of call old BAT files).

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