How to Deserialize Json Array with Other JSON Format

So I have this Json file:

  "Name": "String",
  "Age "String",
  "Date": "9/2/2021",
  "DataArray": [
      "Account Number": "ABC123",
      "Amount": 100,
      "Product Code": "A1",
        "Account Number": "GHC843",
      "Amount": 250,
      "Product Code": "B3",

I can deserialize and get the value from the keys of the ‘Name’ ‘Age’ and ‘Date’, and now I need to Deserialize JSON Array the ‘DataArray’ but entering the json file would error a
Deserialize JSON Array: Error reading JArray from JsonReader. Current JsonReader item is not an array: StartObject. Path '', line 2, position 1.

I know I can manually get each Key and Value by doing:


But my json file varies and would sometimes contains multiple sets inside the array. I hope there is a way around this.

Hi @Shinjid,

You will need to iterate within the array. Nested Json strings can be challenging but it is easy to parse the structure.

For each i in EnumerableRange(0,JsonObj("DataArray").Count)

Within the loop

Ensure you set datatype of i as int in the for each properties. This will support n number of items in your DataArray.

Hope this clears your doubt.

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Thanks. This solve the Iteration. I did a For each ‘item’ in Enumerable.Range(0,JsonObj(“DataArray”).Count). Then I’ll store it on a string collection or array.

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