How to delete the specific row and store in the same file (Excel DataTable)


I wanted to delete specific rows in a data table, its working fine when i write output to different sheet. However, I wanted to delete the rows in the sheet1 and store the results in the same sheet1 for further process.
Great if anyone let me know How to do that?

Hi @vinutha1

Can you be more Specific on what condition you need to delete and Store the Data to datatable!

Like input and Expected output sample data Screen shot!


Hi @vinutha1
Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Use Read range Activity and store the value in Variable
Step 2: Use the Filter data table and give the condition as per the requirement.

Note: Where number = 1600313496
Step 3: Write in the same sheet or new sheet with a Filter DataTable output variable


hi @pravin_calvin

In the above image, I have an excel with column name PR_Number. Now, I already have a PR number as input. Then I need to search the above excel for all the rows which are having the same PR number then delete them all.

For example, the matching PR number is ‘1600313496’ then i have to delete all the rows of that in the same excel.

hi @vinutha1

Please refer to the xaml below!

Read range the excel

Use Select method in assign to get the rows to be deleted

select method to get the values to be deleted and copy to datatable

For each and Remove datarow from the input excel

Write range the input excel with deleted rows

Write Range the output deleted rows in sheet 2

DeleteRow.xaml (12.6 KB)


Hi @pravin_calvin , Thank you!! but , I wanted the result output in the same sheet
i mean, once the PR numbers is deleted I use the same sheet for further process . I dont want to write output in different sheet. is it possible like this?

Is there any other data or table in sheet1 apart from current one

If it’s not there we can then
Delete the current file and create a new one with the new datatable

Cheers @vinutha1

@Palaniyappan ,

Thank you for your suggestion, the below given image is the excel datatable which am supposed to use throughout the process along with the format.
i just want to delete the matched PR numbers and use the same excel further. The deleted PR numbers i don’t need it anymore.
As per your suggestion, if i create a new data table will i be getting in the same format?