How to delete the specific files from the folder

How to delete the specific files from the folder.

I’m downloading the PDF files from the application within the folder but i want to keep only below files which contains below Name and then want to delete other files.

History and Physical
Progress notes
Discharge summary
Physician order
ED Provider Report
Discharge RPT

Any idea how to do it?

You can loop through the files and use the delete activity to delete what you want

find starter help here:
DeleteFiles_ByNamePart_DT.xaml (11.6 KB)

Configure the datatable with the keywords you want to keep (maybe you want externalize into an excel)
do the other activations (Comment in Comment out, Path settings) and let it run

Let us know your feedback


You can follow the demo attached, the only change you have to make is at the end by putting activities to delete the source folder and renaming the destination folder. I hope this demo will suffice your requirements. (6.8 KB)