How to delete rows from a data table which is do not have columns name

Hi all,

I am uploading one excel file.
Testsheet.xlsx (21.9 KB)

This excel file converted from pdf to excel. and this file do not have any column names.

the main issue is as PDF had multiple pages, in excel also I am getting the header details between the rows. Please check the below screenshot

my requirement is after reading the excel, need to delete those header content from the data table.

Please note : those header text will be fixed. every time header will come with the same format and same text. but it can come in any rows.

after deleting all the headers from the rows the result should be below

Testsheet_cleandata.xlsx (21.3 KB)

Kindly help me how I can achieve the output as expected.

Hi @roysupriya21

New Text Document.txt (795 Bytes)

Hope it helps!!