How to delete only files from sub folder

Hi ,

This is very simple query…
I have root folder which contains sub folders .
My requirement is to delete all the files from these sub folder without deleting Sub folder.



Check this xaml, it will delete all the files from the subdirectory of the directory you are passing.

GetSubDirectories.xaml (7.0 KB)


1.Use get files activity and in properties select all directory option. Install this activity from manage packages. ( Uipath.DirectorySearch.Activity)
2.Then use For each and pass your get files output.
3.Inside for each use delete file activity.

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Hi @md.ahtesham,
Get all files in a string array by

String files= Directory.GetFiles(folderPath,.,SearchOption.AllDirectories)

Then use a for each in files, and use Delete activity, pass item as input.

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