How to delete old data in the excel before run the workflow

Hi All,

I have excel workbook where i am going to read and write the data. When i run every time the previous data should be cleared/delete before run the workflow.

Sheet1 is going to read the data,
Sheet2 is going write the data in the B column (from B1 to B36)
I need to clear Sheet2 “B” column data.

Please help me on this.

Thank you- Raghu

Try to remove data column and then again add column using add data columnwith empty data

Hi @Raghu_km - You can achieve this using Delete Range activity. Check the below workflow (9.4 KB)

Provide the range that you want to delete and sheet name

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Hi @Raghu_km

  1. Drag and drop the “Clear Range” activity inside the Excel Application Scope.
  2. In the Properties panel of the Clear Range activity, set the following properties:
  • Range: “B1:B36” to specify the range of cells to clear.
  • SheetName: “Sheet2” to specify the sheet name where you want to clear the data.

Hope it helps.

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