How to delete files in folder

Need help. How to delete files in folder which are files name dose not contain key words?

Hi @Rashidi_Ahmad , you can use directory.get files() to get list of all files in a directory. Then you can use an if condition inside a loop to delete files that do not have names as required.

Hi @Rashidi_Ahmad
Please refer to the screenshot of the xaml attached below.

  1. In if condition use the desired condition of the keyword.
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Check this
it can help you

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Hi, @Rashidi_Ahmad you can use directory.getfiles(path,“*”) and use for each loop and use delete activity and use item.tostringimage

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Hi @Rashidi_Ahmad - you can use not contain keyword as shown below…

Code : Directory.GetFiles(FolderPath).Where(Function(n) not path.GetFileName(n).Contains(YourKeyword)).ToArray

Please try like this…


Thanks it works as what i need. Thanks a lot

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