How to delete column in CSV

Let me know how can i delete column (eg “B”) in csv format, i can do only for xlsx but not for csv.

Let me know any solution please.


  1. First read the data from CSV file and will give output as DataTable.

  2. And then delete that column from DataTable like below. Mention list of column names you want from original input data here.

              newDT = inputDT.DefaultView.ToTable(False, "Column 1", "Column 2",..."Column N")
  3. And then use Write CSV File activity and pass newDT to write into it.


Hi @Htwe_Ko_Ko_Wynn,

Open .csv file using excel application scope, add Inser/Delete Excel columns activity, specify sheet name, number of columns and column position(2 if it is B) to be deleted.

Please refer to the attached workflow.DeleteCsvColumn.xaml (5.3 KB)

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