How to delete all the rows below active cell in Google spreadsheet

Im finding difficulty in selecting all the rows below a selected cell and delete the selected rows below it.

Is there any shortcut to do that?

Any help appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Hi @Priyadharshini_Ramulunaid

Try this

  • Use Lookup Datatable and give the cell you need to find
    you can get the row index there and store in a variable “Var_Name”
  • Use Read Range
    Give Range as eg :“A”+Cint(Var_Name+2).ToString
  • Use delete Range and give the Range as above

Hope it Helps


Hi Sudharsan,

Thanks.It worked :slight_smile:


I am now facing a new issue writing back to spreadsheet using write range activity from where I have deleted rows with below error.

“message”: “Invoke Workflow File: Requested entity was not found. [404]”

If possible can you share the screenshot?

Have you included the authentication scope of spreadsheet in application scope?

In this window

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Hi Sudharshan,

After checking the scope i am able to write it.Thanks for the help

That’s Great
Happy Automation
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