How to Delete a Post

to delete my forum post after i given it as my solution. its not showing any delete symbol then how I delete te post

Remove all text and put blank… Forum Robot will delete it automatically…

how i remove because it not even editable access

ive marked the post as solution. so i think it not showing delete symbol



see there is no symbol in there

When it is resolved … that means no more editing or postings will be allowed… so no delete option also available… it’s for future reference… will lock by Forum robot.

so there is no option? please let me know if there is any other way

Well, you can try to edit previously asked question and change the text… or change the question … if you see lock symbol you can’t delete…
If you really wanted to delete… please communicate with @loginerror mentioning your post with reason for deletion… then community moderator will do it… for you…

Thank you so much ill communicate with them